Slowest Spitfire Build Ever

In October 2018 I started building a 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire Pr.X1X from Airfix. I worked out what paints to use and built the cockpit pretty quickly. I got scared off by assembling and masking the fuselage. Over the last week I've been finishing it off.

Spitfire interior as of mid November 2018

The first sub assembly I tackled in 2019 was the propeller. The yellow tone I picked out looked weird and sort of de-saturated so I went for a warmer Averland Sunset.

Spitfire propeller assembly

Next up I attempted to airbrush the fuselage using the colour I picked out in 2018. It turned out a lot darker than I wanted so I ended up mixing a more blue in.

Too dark for me.
More blue!

Above you'll see that the masking on the canopy isn't the best but it's good for a first attempt I think.

I started applying decals and quickly realised that the softener does weird stuff to the acrylic paint. Nothing I could do there but move on and do a gloss coat on the rest of the plane to stop it happening again.

A gloss coat before decals really helped out with the other wing.

The triple crown decals are really tough to soften so I ended up creasing them with a blade.

I applied the rest of the decals and did a some panel lines and exhaust weathering with oils. The final result is below.

Final product
Decals on the side went really well.

I'm reasonably pleased with the result. The next decals I use will get a treatment of Micro Set under them before I start trying the Micro Sol. I also had some issues with the Vallejo gloss varnish, through the airbrush with Vallejo thinner it never seems to be as gloss as I want. I've ordered some Tamiya gloss to try on the next kit (which is a Tamiya F16CJ).

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