My Clever Dripper Brew Recipe

I've bought a Clever Dripper and put the Aeropress and cafetiere in the loft. Whilst the Clever can't do the volumes a large cafetiere can, it makes great coffee with no sludge and easy cleanup (that's compostable).

The brew method for two cups is:

  1. Fold the edges of your unbleached size 4 filter and put it in the Clever Dripper
  2. Rinse out the filter with warm water from the tap
  3. Grind 30g of beans to a little finer than a cafetiere grind and boil your water
  4. Add 450g of water to the Clever Dripper, careful here because that's very full
  5. Add coffee to water, do not stir
  6. Leave for 4min as the coffee grounds create a crust
  7. Stir the crust in
  8. Leave for 4min
  9. Draw down into a carafe/thermos
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