Kill Team Board

Why? I have wanted a gaming table for years and there's this itch to make terrain that I sate by watching Luke Towan and looking at model railways. Plus Kill Team looks like a fun way to play small scale Warhammer.

I've got a plan. Kill Team needs 30x22" of board for a 2 player game. I'm going to build it in a modular fashion with 15x15" tiles. This will allow me to expand to higher player counts as well as making it reasonably compact to store. The tiles will have integrated roads and will be rotatable for different road layouts. The rough layout is shown below:


Each tile will be made of 12mm MDF. To hold them in position I'll use some strong magnets. They'll be put in a alternating N/S way to allow the rotation of the board.


The board surface will be textured by stippling filler which I'll build up to create dirt tracks.

I'll give the surface a woodland feel with some dry brushing of browns and maybe greens. The roads will get a lighter brown.

So that's the plan. Fingers crossed it works.

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