Kill Team Board: Two Down

After a very busy weekend I finished the first two boards! I'm really pleased with the results too! This stage consisted mostly of adding turf, ballast, and trees. There aren't many (any) build photos but I'll run through the processes.

To apply the turf get yourself some Woodland Scenics Blended Turf (I used the green blend) and make some terrain glue. Terrain glue is just PVA glue watered down with 3 parts water to 1 part glue, add a dash of a flow aid like Liquitex Flow Aid or some washing up liquid if you aren't feeling like a posho.

Paint the glue onto the board using your least favourite brush. You want to get all the bits with turf in one go because it takes an age to dry and blending regions of semi dry turf is a pain.

Now lightly sprinkle turf on the glue, don't be afraid of putting too much on as the glue will glue as much as it can then we'll vacuum it off. Do the same with any ballast you want to apply. Now the waiting begins.

At some point you'll get bored and decide it's as dry as it'll ever get. At this point grab a vacuum cleaner hose and some sort of sieving thing. I used a dedicates washing bag. Put that over the end of the hose and vacuum up all the spare turf. Whack the spare turf back in the container.

Looks a bit like this.

Leave it a little longer to dry then we'll seal the turf. Sealing the turf is a weird process, you're going to be applying more glue to the turf but in such a way that it permeates the turf and sets it in place making a durable play surface. You'll need some sort of spray applicator for this step. Make some "wet water" which is water and flow aid. This breaks the surface tension and lets the water flow into the turf better rather than beading. Spray that onto the entire board so all the turf is moist. Then spray terrain glue liberally over the moist turf. This somehow magically lets the glue soak deep into the turf. Go do other things because this takes about 24 hours to dry but after this you'll have a lovely board.

That's it. In the future I want to apply some static grass as well but I'd like to do the next 4 boards first.

What does it look like? Feast your eyes on this:

With some trees!
Edgy low DoF.
With some ruins!
Brave marine holding the line!
Primaris Marines are great.

How did I make those trees? WELL! That's simple. Get some Woodland Scenics shrubs, it's basically turf but bigger, some WS tree armatures, and some Hob-E-Tac. Assemble the trees, twist the branches to make them look real. Give them a blast of some brown spray paint. When dry apply Hob-E-Tac to the branches and allow to go clear and tacky. Dip trees in the shrub material. Job done.

They look alright.

I'm looking into how to seal the trees at the moment. It appears that the terrain glue method causes the Hob-E-Tac to fail and all the leaves fall off. I think some matte varnish will do the job.

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