Kill Team Board: MAGNETISED!

I've made quite a bit of progress on the board despite plans changing immediately when I went shopping for MDF.

Homebase (the closest store I can get sheets of MDF from) sells MDF in 4'x2' sheets which you'll notice will get 3 15"x15" squares. So I had to get two sheets which meant that I may as well get 6 squares cut. The guy in the store said they normally just cut sheets down to fit in people's cars so he couldn't be that accurate but that turned out just fine and they're more square than I'd have got them.

Shopping trolley full of hobby purchases.

I ordered some 4mmx3mm (woo using Metric and Imperial systems, I'll be crashing space probes in no time) magnets to fit in the the panels. They arrived sharpish thanks to Amazon Prime.

The next job was to drill some 4mm holes in the corners of the board to fit the magnets. 8 in each board. Time for a Hobby Hack: mark up one board then just carry the lines down the stack, you can see below how that went.

Marked, drilled, and magnetised boards.

Then you just have to put the magnets in. A dab of super glue in each hole is enough. Be very careful to reverse the polarity of the magnets as you go around the board. See the last post for the schematic of magnets.

Something that occurred to me is that by giving the board a texture the wont stack nicely and the top panels might crush the lower panels while stacked. I'm hopefully going to avoid this with some lovely felt feet! You can get felt like this from DIY shops, it's intended to go on the bottom of chairs that rest on hard floors.  

One foot in each corner and another in the centre to hopefully prevent some warping.

Next up is to lay the boards out and admire your work!

They work!

To my delight the magnets worked just as planned. Not too strong or weak and the feet mean the board wont scratch our dining table.

Finally (at least for part 2) I marked out the roads using a Predator tank for a rough scale.

Lovely Predator tank. I really should finish the sponsons some day.

I marked out the plan from the last post but had to come up with two more panels. I went for a straight section and a blank one.

The first layout.

The roads are quite large but I'm planning on the lines being the very edge of road  so hopefully the final product will look good. I couldn't help myself so I did a couple more layouts as a test.

Layout two with some separate roads.
Layout the third.

In part three I'll be sealing the somehow and giving it some texture.

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