A Speedy IS-2 Build

After watching a lot of Plasmo I decided to build my first historical armoured fighting vehicle. I picked the 1/72 scale IS-2 from Revell, mostly because it's cheap and easy.

Top and bottom half of the tank assembled and base coated.

The first few stages went very quickly. Some might say too quickly because I applied paint far too early.

Top half with extra gubbins like machine gun and handles.

You'll notice that I added more grey plastic which I'd have to paint again. Also the tow hook thing on the back is upside down.

More grey plastic added to the bottom half.

The wheels for the tracks are a bit of a pain. The teeth on the cogs are just a awful.

Top and bottom half of tank combine, with tracks installed.

The tracks were a non stretchy single ribbon of links. I test fit them with the intention of taking them off to paint and weather separately. They proved to be such a pain to get on I left them on after the test fit and glued them in place.

The tank in a different shade of green

I decided that the tone of the green was a little too blue so I repainted the entire tank in a more yellow green which I think worked really well.

Metal tracks and decals applied.

The decals were great fun to apply and softened really well. There were a couple of areas that didn't really work so I painted by hand.

Decals finished, chipping and weathering applied.

I did my first real attempt at chipping using acrylics and a cocktail stick. I think they're a little too much but overall I think I achieved some depth. The rust on the turret weld seam was done using oils which I think worked perfectly, especially the contrast with the white stripes.

More chipping and highlights.

I then decided to chip the white paint. I think it worked quite well but in some areas it really shows that the decals are a little thick. I also came in with a yellow oil paint and did some highlighting.

Different lighting makes the green look more blue.

The rear of the tank got a similar treatment. Here you can really see that I went overboard with the chipping.

I'm leaving it here for now. I'd like to do a little diorama at some point but I think i could do a better job after learning some lessons on this. The 1/72 scale was fiddly at some point but I think will work nicely for a diorama.

I'm very pleased with the result and will be doing some more AFV in the future.

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